I have worked and played with and in many different forms of on-purpose, intentional communities;

permaculture projects, urban and rural,

activist groups from anti-nuke to anti-climate collapse,

parents who birth at home and unschool,

civic change collectives,

groups of peers working to heal early childhood trauma,

mishmashes of genius misfits…

a sketch I made after closing the cafe, of how I experienced the entities

There had been two weeks of challenge while I had navigated inwardly and outwardly, staying in a community where the offerings I had been invited to bring were accepted by some and resisted by others. I had next navigated externally from one unfamiliar country where I don’t know the language…

I have used many ‘outs;’ many stategies for escaping the present.

It’s possible that creating each ‘out,’ during my formative years, was a stroke of genius that made survival possible.

It’s also possible that continuing to use these ‘outs’ to avoid the present is now getting in the way of…

The first thing I ever ‘wanted to be when I grew up’ was a mother. The second was an actor.

By the time I was 15, ‘actor’ had edged past ‘mother’ to the top of the list, and I arranged my teenage life so I could perform in seven plays…

Nicole Hartley Bradford

Nicole is, among other things, a Top Keener on the “Help Gaia’s Risky Human Experiment Succeed” Team.

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