Regenerating Humanity

Nicole Hartley Bradford
5 min readSep 11, 2021


I have worked and played with and in many different forms of on-purpose, intentional communities;

permaculture projects, urban and rural,

activist groups from anti-nuke to anti-climate collapse,

parents who birth at home and unschool,

civic change collectives,

groups of peers working to heal early childhood trauma,

mishmashes of genius misfits wanting to dance wildly, share their passions, and allow each other to express their emotions openly,

clusters of homeless addicts reaching for meaning and beauty to return to their lives….

My life is about creating and being a catalyst for transformational experiments in spaces with such people.

Over the years I have amassed powerful distinctions, tools, maps and proccesses to make a difference in these spaces. I have grown my capactiy and ability to deliver these tools to others, and to live them out.

The testimonials are starting to pour in, and they make me cry for joy. Fellow possibilitators are having similar results: more people asking to join more spaces held in service to the deep inner work it takes to empower the magical outer work to be done by members of Team Gaia.

In many circles we used to talk about Sustainability. Then more people started talking about Permaculture. Now the phrase Regenerative Culture is used more and more. And some are even speaking of Archearchy: a culture where Archetypal humans collaboratively cocreate a new era of life on Earth.

It struck me recently that Humanity itself stands to be regenerated.

Parts of the hearts and souls, physical and emotional bodies, and minds of humans everywhere have been broken, burned, pierced, slashed, cut, pummeled, torn, shredded, disposed of, ignored, displaced, made wrong and bad, denied, depressed, masked, exiled, dormant and extinguished for generations.

If we are to regenerate the world around us, as is becoming ever more obvious needs to happen for humanity to continue, how can we possibly do so without regenrerating humans so that what they create is regenerative? You know that saying “you are what you eat”? Similarly, I think, “you create what you are.”

As within, so without.

When we are fractured, we create a fractured world. When we are starving, we can’t help but create scarcity. When we are desperate, desperation is so normal that we miss that we are perpetuating it.

I learned this the hard way.

My own Numbness caused the effects of numbenss in my four dear children. My own adherence to a fanasty world in my marriage created a reality that could not last. I was devastated when that fantasy came crashing down. The five-year experimental live-in inner and outer permaculture project I created functioned according to what I was missing as much as it did according to what I could and did bring. No one else happened to bring what was missing, so that project died, too.

I am not saying any of this was wrong or bad, nor do I want to judge any of these tragic endings as failures. They were all experiences that could only go how they went. My next experiments wouldn’t get new results unless I shifted the context inside me.

The Map of Possibility from Possibility Management, (which was originated in the 70’s by Clinton Callahan) depicts the distinction between the context that results in Modern Culture, outwardly and the context that brings about different results: Regenerative Culture, Emergent Culture, Archearchy, Gaian Evolution.

It begins for each person where it begins.

For me, it began long ago with learning to give attention and care to my Emotional and Energetic Bodies. I learned as a kid, like all of us did, to hurry up and repress, deny, and unconsciously use my feelings and emotions to carve out a safe place for myself.

It worked. I survived.

But in adulthood, many of these strategies do not work.

They are childish. In a context of a society ridden with childish grown ups, it is not immediately easy to discern that this is happening. I often approached (and still sometimes do) other humans as a child would: unconsciously expecting that someone would hold space for me, I would bring my woes without warning, and then dissolve into deeper distress when my chosen ‘space holder’ couldn’t hold space as an authentic Adult.

It has been a long and painful road, along which I have learned to discern and intentionally create different kinds of spaces for myself, and for others, not as a rescuer, but as an Adult who proposes to other Adults that we collaborate to co-create ever more clearly on-purpose spaces and experiments in order to empower our transformational trajectories.

We are regenerating our bodies.

There are so many parts to this work, to discovering and creating Archearchal spaces and culture. There are so many that the Distinctions, Tools, Maps, and Processes of Possibility Management have been translated into 487 websites (as of today), which openly share the information and recommendations of over 45 years of experimental research.


It was my great honour to be included on the experiment-writing team for this massive muliti-player on and off-line gameworld from December to July of this year. It is called StartOverxyz.

I highly remcommend you check it out if you are at all interested in levelling up how you play on Team Gaia, as someone helping Her risky human experiment to succeed.

In the widespeard PM community of experimenters, you can find many kinds of teammates: Study Groups, Possibility Teams, Rage, Fear and Money Clubs, Emotional Healing Practitioners, Possibility Coaches, Trainers and Trainer Trainers. Some spaces are offered for payment, and there is a lot that is ‘free.’ I put that in quotes because transformation can take a lot of pain, time, and energy as you allow what is let-go-able to be let go. Including your identity, beliefs, coping strategies, friends and maybe even family.

“No one can do it for you. More interestingly, noone can stop you.” ~ Clinton Callahan.

Each step can be experienced as an experiment into the unknown. Fear is appropriate. The whole Earth is at stake. Even if it wasn’t, this is your life.

How do you want to live it? With broken, burned, pierced, slashed, cut, pummeled, torn, shredded, disposed of, ignored, displaced, made wrong and bad, denied, depressed, masked, exiled, dormant and extinguished Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Archetypal parts?

The remedies exist. Come, experiment with regenerating Humanity.



Nicole Hartley Bradford

Nicole is a catalyst on the “Help Gaia’s Risky Human Experiment Succeed” Team.