Low Drama is Not Life

Nicole Hartley Bradford
4 min readFeb 22, 2022


As I continue to use the Distinctions, Maps, Tools and Processes of Possibility Management to heal things and to handle things, I am gaining more distinction as to the energetic quality of being in Low Drama as distant from High Drama.

I can be in Low Drama about anything.

The food isn’t how I like it, and the person who made it is my persecutor, how will I rescue myself? By criticizing them? Arguing about ‘how it should be?’ Taking over?

I don’t have the amount of money I want and the people who do not sign up for my paid offerings are not rescuing me. Assholes! I’m such a victim! Who will save me? I’ve tried so hard to do the right things! It’s MY TURN!

I have no partner and life itself is my persecutor, keeping the rescuer of my wildest dreams away. It’s my mother’s fault, she didn’t raise me properly. It’s my ex partners faults, they made me lose so I became a habitual loser, too scared to really be myself with anyone, too scared to risk rejection yet again. It’s NOT FAIR!

I can even be in Low Drama about being in Low Drama where I am victim and persecutor, refusing to rescue myself because my Good Possibility Manager Box believes rescuing is bad and wrong. Life is so hard! I am so alone! Stupid human, can’t you ever get it right? Don’t be mean to me! I’m doing my best!

Each scenario has its own flavour but they all have energetic qualities in common and I am beginning to notice these. I have given my Gremlin (who would be otherwise engaged in spinning Low Drama) the job of catching the energetics: Beep! so I can shift into High Drama and GO.

In High Drama FEELING is being alive, with access to information as well as energy.

If food is not to my Box’s liking, I can chose to create a bridge to intimacy with myself, with possibilities, with the person who made it. As I feel my feelings, use them to act, or to make proposals, eating AND not eating becomes ever higher level fun feasting.

Feeling my anger about not having registrants in my offerings, and not having the money I want in my purse, and feeling my fear that I might create the same patterns that do not work, I can create intimacy first within myself, then with teammates as I collaborate to create clarity as to which the Emotional Healing Processes and experiments and are next for me. Can my team give me possibilities about anything?

I can shift out of the victim state of not having a partner into the glorious experience of being alive, with the sun lighting my days, life itself holding me from the inside and from the outside. HERE is another moment to savour, in a small space of love that ripples into ever wider spaces through everything and maybe even into the nothing beyond. Radically relying on ECCO, and on my Archetypal Lineage, I shoot the Low Drama voices that try to whisper me into Low Drama, using my supersonic Voice Blaster. The silence in the wake of many BANG BANG BANGs is open space for sensing the impulses that come through, so subtly, for me to choose from.

This is living life. I am in Love with it. ECCO and my Archetypal Lineage are happening. I, as an open space through which they, and my Bright Principles can work, can create, choose, experiment, feel, go, fall, and get up again to GO.

The energetic realm of Low Drama is similar to having been underwater, able only to breathe canned air, but now I am on land. I am not saying there is anything wrong with SCUBA Diving, I am talking here about the sensations of relying on apparatus to breathe, when I don’t in fact need that apparatus. The energetic sensation of High Drama is comparable to how it is after I unzip and throw aside my SCUBA suit, remove my breathing apparatus. Lighter, less tight, less heavy, open, spacious.

I can emerge from being underwater and forget that I am in air, and keep my SCUBA gear on. This is akin, energetically, to what it is like to have the Distinctions, Maps, Tools and Processes of Possibility Management and to forget that I can create new possibilities.

To take off the ‘unnecessary apparati’, I can do Emotional Healing Processes and Experiments, decontaminate my childish, gremlin and parental ego state behaviours and attitudes from my Adult Ego State, and continue capturing Trigger Sentences to keep my delicious personal Energetic Cafe CLOSED to vampire entities. These are but a tiny sampling of what Possibility Management has provided me, to empower me to source my way into High Drama realms ever more fluidly.

Maybe we can meet there.

Love, Nicole



Nicole Hartley Bradford

Nicole is a catalyst on the “Help Gaia’s Risky Human Experiment Succeed” Team.