July Newsletter for my Website Audience

Dear People Who Signed Up on my Website,

My newsletter technology* has failed me! I have yet to figure out something new, so I am writing today using Medium as a hack, from one of the coolest rooms in a very hot community complex.

I am south of Lisbon, Portugal, at SerVivo, where I was invited to come and serve this community’s evolution. What a job to get to have!

In a way, my life has been a series of visits to budding community hubs.

During some visits, I was ‘at home,’ during others I’ve been a guest. Some ‘hubs’ consisted of several people, in some there was only one person. Some places I visited once, went away and came back to a new iteration of hub, as if the space itself was the hub. Sometimes the people were the same but the place they were ‘hubbing’ was different.

I have also been a hub space holder since I left home.

In each case, my life’s work was somehow in action. I am a Transformational Experiment Creator and Catalyst, I always have been.

I honed in on this job title thanks to a process during the Possibility Village Lab in Mafra, Portugal. (The process was one of dozens, the Lab was one of two Labs, one of five Possibility Management Trainings in which I participated during the month of June.)

I am learning, here at SerVivo, as I have in all my hub visits, more about working as a Transformational Experiment Creator and Catalyst for hubs of various kinds.

During this visit at this hub at this time, I am more consciously aware of what I am gaining more clarity about how it goes, and what works best to create possibilities.

It works best when I am sensing for my own authority, feeling my own feelings, and using my adult voice. It works best when I ask dangerous questions and hold my ground, stay present and in connection when people (myself included) get triggered.

It works best when I am ongoingly doing my own experiments to build my capacity and ability to be in charge of my parts, and holding to my own timing.

It works best when I am receiving feedback into my inbox rather than into my gut.

It works best when I am feeding my physical body well, with delicious and natural food, lots of water, plenty of sleep and basic exercise. It works best when I ask others hold space for me to process the emotions that inevitably come up.

I love my job, and I love doing it in the ways it works best.

What is YOUR life’s work? What empowers you to do it in the ways that work best? I would love to hear.

Love, Nicole

While working here at SerVivo, I am also offering these online:

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the technology* that has failed, for anyone interested is I cannot access my MailChimp account without the code they send by SMS, which is not arriving when I ask for it. Does anyone have possibilities for a different newsletter service?

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