For Love of Earth

  1. if you have a YES to taking a stand for what this letter communicates, and want to include YOUR signature, let me know. I will add it under mine in this publication on Medium and you can start to share it to the Edge Workers in your circles. Please do not randomly share it to the public. I ask you to pass it on to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. If you want, add a point 6 below (or edit point 5) so people can contact you.
  2. if you have any resistance to what is communicated here, please share it with me, so I can reconsider my articulation and perhaps write a next version of the same experiment with your feedback.
  3. if you are unvaccinated and want to look into joining the VaxControl Group, go here:
  4. if you are vaccinated and want to empower the VaxControl Group, there are ways to do that through the same link.
  5. if you want to talk with me, Nicole, the author of this letter, about any of this, go here:



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Nicole Hartley Bradford

Nicole Hartley Bradford


Nicole is a catalyst on the “Help Gaia’s Risky Human Experiment Succeed” Team.