For Love of Earth

Nicole Hartley Bradford
7 min readMar 5, 2022


An Open Letter to Authentic Adult Leaders, Next Culture Experimenters, Edge Workers of Team Gaia

In countries around the world, vaccine mandates are dividing families, friendships, communities as people continue to take positions for and against them.

On one side, solidarity against a virus that strikes down the vulnerableis emphasized, on the other, the right to maintain bodily autonomy is being upheld, the right to chose to have or not have a medical treatment, in particular one that has not undergone rigorous scientific testing.

Woven in are conspiracy theories with varying degrees of sound evidence for what they claim, further stoking the fires of unconscious fear and anger.

It looks to me that we have all been living in a big experiment. As the Covid Pandemic broke, surged, and surged again, and even now, as it seems to shift from pandemic to endemic, the fears, arguments and fighting continue.

I am not here to take one side or another. Certainly I have chosen what I have chosen in regard to masking, isolating, using hand sanitizer, or not, in regard to strengthening my body’s defences, and being responsible about the consequences to others. I have chosen what I have chosen about vaccination, and I will continue to navigate with care as Covid becomes endemic and I watch for the next waves of adversity swelling my way.

Now that there is somewhat of a lull between urgencies (I say this with apologies ot the Ukraine, Russia, and all who have loved ones connected with these places where adversity is surging), I am taking time to consider what might empower a shift into Radical Responsibility concerning Covid and future pandemic or other adversity on a global level.

When the vaccine started to be released, I heard one side roar: “Trust our scientists! Get vaccinated to protect not just yourself but also to protect the vulnerable!”

The other side rallied: “Big Pharma is cashing in on your fear! Do not let your body be a guniea pig in a dubious, uncontrolled experiment! There are other ways to ensure your health and well being and that of the vulnerable!”

Again, this isn’t about what side I nor you went with. Indeed, I could be said to have drawn from each side, but even this is not the point.

My point is that for Radical Responsibility to be happening on Planet Earth, I can take responsibility for the responsibility happening on it, and this letter is my next experiment about doing that.

I ask that you give me feedback about it so I can tell how it goes.

I am writing to call in the Edge Workers of the world, those who live and work on the edges of Modern Culture, the misfits and the rebels, the Responsible Priates and the ones who adventure into the unknown to find paths to Next Culture — even if it’s ‘too late’.

I am writng to call you in to the possibility of shifting the Covid experiment into a more conscious experiment, by creating a shift of the unofficially uncontrolled vaccination experiment into an officially controlled experiment.

The stage is already set.

Sometime in the summer of 2022 I was sent a link tto the VaxControl website. Here one could sign up as an unvaccinated person to become a card-carrying member of the International Vaccine Control Group. I heard from the friend that shared the site with me that they were granted access to a restaurant for the first time in a long time, using this card.

The website states:

Please note: Our ID Card shows that you are a participant of our Control Group study, it is not an official or legal exemption in any country.

It does not guarantee you exemption for travel or work.

The QR Code when scanned links to a verification page which confirms your participation and re-enforces your rights with excerpts from the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, the ‘International Code of Medical Ethics’ and the ‘UK NHS Importance of Informed Consent’. It also details ‘The Nuremberg Code (1947)’ lest we forget.

I think that the data from such a control group would be scientific gold in regards to alternative possibilities for empowering heathly virus-resistant humans.

If governments were to legitimise the VaxControl Group, and empower it to do the job it seems well-positioned to do, the unvaccinated people among us could have room to shift their identities from “victims of misunderstanding and pariahs of the public” to “helpful and brave guinea pigs in service to all.” Agreements could be put in place such that these people could more freely travel: testing, PPE that protects them and others, or they might choose to stay home. There could be new jobs in the health care sector for unvaccinated nurses and clinicians to visit unvaccinated control group members to gather data, including, from those who have been unvaccinated yet did not get Covid, or those who did, and fared well: How did this go?

The harvest of information could be extraordinary.

Removing the Vacinne Passport Mandates could put at ease the rallying cries of the dissenters who site Human Right Violations, and ease strains between families, friends and communities who found themselves on either side of a very charged line.

It could become possible for heads of government to be regarded as more fair and just, as they remove paternal insistence and create space for informed citizens to take more radical responsibility for the responsibility happening in the wider space, rather than setting people up to defend or offend government mandates, and each other.

How about vaccinated and non vaccinated sections in restraunts, like we used to have when more people smoked? It is a similar matter, about breathing certain kinds of air. How about increasing, again, the avaialbility of testing for anyone who may have symptoms, like we do to keep sexually tramsmitted infections from spreading? The consciously non-(sexually)-monogamous communities of the world have wisdom to share about taking responsibility for the communications that create physical safety:

What STI’s have you had? How did you treat them? When were you last tested? What were your results? What risky behaviours have you engaged in since then? What symptoms have you experienced lately? Do you want to go get tested with me before we engage in risky behaviour?

I am directing this letter to you, the Edge Workers, because I want to ask for your feedback about it.

What works for you about what I have shared here and how I have articulated it?

Would you want to add your signature to it, if you think what is said here is something that you can take a stand for?

If it is, and you want it, I can add your name below this Medium article, and you can copy and paste it to where you want to, to share it with other Edge Workers. Eventually it may reach government leaders, community leaders, medical practitioners, and anyone who may want to take Radical Responsibility for level of Responsibility happening on Earth.

I heard from a Virologist, as the first Covid wave hit North America, that after the SARS and H1N1 surges, conferring professionals had determined that the way information about the outbreaks had been handled — it was hushed to prevent mass panic — hadn’t worked to stem the outbreaks. Next time, they determined, they would be more open and honest with the public about what was happening in hospitals, care facilties for the elderly, daycare centers, schools etc. Then came Covid. “They” let us, the public in on what was happening. You have seen the results.

I am inviting you to consider the next experiment, as this most recent one comes, arguably, to a close. Maybe it will be another virus. Maybe it will be somethings else. Maybe it is already surging and few are noticing the threat.

Whatever it is, if we can all become conscious experimenters, collaboratively compare notes, looking more deeply into the causes of harm, and the remedies we might use to prevent and heal it, I think we will have done Humanity justice.

In regard to empowering Radical Responsibility, this work is, by far, in my opinion, the most empowering remedy for all of humanity’s most pressing problems. For example large scale, top-down decision making about climate response is not working. It seems to be becoming clear that humans stand a chance to stabilise Earth’s ecosystem only if we work in localized teams, in as many places as possible, without waiting for government permission, funding, or education. Radical Responsibility Training would empower this.

Radical Responsibility training is available to anyone, in the form of a massive multiplayer on-an-offline game that is free to play called StartOverxyz. You might want to look at the Radical Responsibility website. If you are an Edge Worker I trust that this web-warren of rabbit holes (over 500 sites are interlinked in this game) will be a High Level Fun adventure. If you find yourself overwhlemed, I highly recommend you go next to this website: Unmix Emotions.

To reiterate:

  1. if you have a YES to taking a stand for what this letter communicates, and want to include YOUR signature, let me know. I will add it under mine in this publication on Medium and you can start to share it to the Edge Workers in your circles. Please do not randomly share it to the public. I ask you to pass it on to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. If you want, add a point 6 below (or edit point 5) so people can contact you.
  2. if you have any resistance to what is communicated here, please share it with me, so I can reconsider my articulation and perhaps write a next version of the same experiment with your feedback.
  3. if you are unvaccinated and want to look into joining the VaxControl Group, go here:
  4. if you are vaccinated and want to empower the VaxControl Group, there are ways to do that through the same link.
  5. if you want to talk with me, Nicole, the author of this letter, about any of this, go here:

Thank you for hearing me out.

For Love of Life on Earth,




Nicole Hartley Bradford

Nicole is a catalyst on the “Help Gaia’s Risky Human Experiment Succeed” Team.